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I am a filmmaker, multidisciplinary artist, activist and educator. My work focuses on exploring the boundaries of unconventional narrative and the subversion of the western, patriarchal starndards of art, aesthetics and beauty. I’m interested in the dualities and contradictions inherent in nature but specifically within the human existential experience. This interest has pushed my work to explore the human body and its relationship to movement, sound, space and time and allows me to visually explore and juxtapose subtlety and drama, fiction and nonfiction, the beautiful and the grotesque, masculinity and femininity, etc. The universality of this human experience theme allows me to draw attention to those things that drive me as an artist: social and political conflict, gender (in)equality, diaspora, hereditary trauma and the mind/body response, the body and its relationship to movement in space, music and its relationship to moving images and more. My work is also informed by the notion that intentional art and art-centric spaces that cultivate creativity have the most potential to illuminate injustice, raise awareness, create dialogue and access and disrupt the status quo to shed light on the problematic social, psychological and political shadows that aims to divide us and divorce us from our humanity.

Since completing my first documentary feature in 2013, I have created over 50 long and short form multi-genre film works and installations that have been exhibited internationally and in galleries around the world including the TATE Britain, LACMA, MOCA, Ars Electronica and more. My directorial film/video work has been featured on VICE and The Creator's Project, MTV, VH1, Paper Magazine, The Guardian, and AfroPunk among others.

Until late 2019, I served as Creative Director of Women's Voices Now (WVN), an intersectional and international non-profit advocating for women's rights through film. WVN allowed me to integrate my dedication to social justice and activism and film/art/creating. I developed programs and workshops for underserved and underrepresented populations of women and girls and lead symposiums and advocacy events around the global issues affecting women’s rights.

I have always envisioned my work and the trajectory of my career as representative of my cultural background (Iranian, Brazilian, British, American). This means as the world evolves, I will too; not only in the stories I choose to tell but also in how I choose to tell them, with whom and in what spaces they manifest. I am working of various projects and always looking for new friends and collaborators. 

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